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   Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett.
2018 Vol.  11 No.  1
Published: 16 January 2018

Special Issue: Contributions from the Authors of 'Innovation Award' at IAP, CAS, 2014–16
Special Issue: Contributions from the Authors of 'Innovation Award' at IAP, CAS, 2014–16
Impact of two types of La Niña on boreal autumn rainfall around Southeast Asia and Australia
Juan FENG, Xiao-Cong WANG
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 1-6 [Abstract] PDF    
Impacts of uncertain cloud-related parameters on Pacific Walker circulation simulation in GAMIL2
Feng XIE, Li-Juan LI, Bin WANG, Wei XUE
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 7-14 [Abstract] PDF    
A generic methodological framework for accurately quantifying greenhouse gas footprints of crop cultivation systems
Xunhua ZHENG, Shenghui HAN
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 15-28 [Abstract] PDF    
Characteristics of complex air pollution in typical cities of North China
Bin-Yan TANG, Jin-Yuan XIN, Wen-Kang GAO, Ping SHAO, Hong-Juan SU, Tian-Xue WEN, Tao SONG, Guang-Zhou FAN, Shi-Gong WANG, Yue-Si WANG
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 29-36 [Abstract] PDF    
Weaker connection between the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and Indian summer rainfall since the mid-1990s
Fei-Fei LUO, Shuanglin LI, Tore FUREVIK
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 37-43 [Abstract] PDF    
Cloud vertical structures associated with precipitation magnitudes over the Tibetan Plateau and its neighboring regions
Ya-Fei YAN, Xiao-Cong WANG, Yi-Min LIU
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 44-53 [Abstract] PDF    
ENSO hindcast skill of the IAP-DecPreS near-term climate prediction system: comparison of full-field and anomaly initialization
Qian SUN, Bo WU, Tian-Jun ZHOU, Zi-Xiang YAN
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 54-62 [Abstract] PDF    
Interdecadal variability of the large-scale extreme hot event frequency over the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River basin and its related atmospheric patterns
Rong-Xia Li, Jian-Qi Sun
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 63-70 [Abstract] PDF    
Understanding the dynamical mechanism of year-to-year incremental prediction by nonlinear time series prediction theory
Shu-Ting Bi, Peng-Fei Wang, Xin-Nong Pan, Chao-Fan Li
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 71-77 [Abstract] PDF    
Impacts of internal climate variability on meteorological drought changes in China
Ai-Hui Wang, Xubin Zeng
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 78-85 [Abstract] PDF    
Comparisons of cloud detection among four satellite sensors on severe haze days in eastern China
Sai-Chun Tan, Xiao Zhang, Hong Wang, Bin Chen, Guang-Yu Shi, Chong Shi
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 86-93 [Abstract] PDF    
Twentieth-century Pacific Decadal Oscillation simulated by CMIP5 coupled models
Tao Wang, Jia-Peng Miao
2018 Vol. 11 (1): 94-101 [Abstract] PDF    
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