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   Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett.
2018 Vol.  11 No.  5
Published: 16 September 2018

Development of a global high-resolution marine dynamic environmental forecasting system
Li-Ying WAN, Yang LIU & Tie-Jun LING
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 379-387 [Abstract] PDF    
Evaluation of the HadISST1 and NSIDC 1850 onward sea ice datasets with a focus on the Barents-Kara seas
WANG Rui-Bo, LI Shuanglin & HAN Zhe
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 388-395 [Abstract] PDF    
Subseasonal variation of winter rainfall anomalies over South China during the mature phase of super El Niño events
Li GUO, Cong-Wen ZHU, Bo-Qi LIU & Shuang-Mei MA
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 396-403 [Abstract] PDF    
Classification of wintertime large-scale tilted ridges over the Eurasian continent and their influences on surface air temperature
LIN Da-Wei, BUEH Cholaw & XIE Zuo-Wei
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 404-411 [Abstract] PDF    
Trajectory analysis of the propagation of Rossby waves on the Earth’s δ-surface
Jian SONG, Hai-Le XUE & Chao-Jiu DA
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 412-416 [Abstract] PDF    
Simulated and projected relationship between the East Asian winter monsoon and winter Arctic Oscillation in CMIP5 models
Shuo LI, Sheng-Ping HE, Fei LI & Hui-Jun WANG
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 417-424 [Abstract] PDF    
Effects of transport on aerosols over the eastern slope of the Tibetan Plateau: synergistic contribution of Southeast Asia and the Sichuan Basin
Hong-Juan SU, Jin-Yuan XIN, Yong-Jing MA, Zirui LIU, Tian-Xue WEN, Shi-Gong WANG, Guang-Zhou FAN, Wei LI, Lu WANG, Zhi-Ming HE & Yue-Si WANG
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 425-431 [Abstract] PDF    
Extreme spring cold spells in North China during 1961–2014 and the evolving processes
ZHU Ya-Li, WANG Hui-Jun, WANG Tao & GUO Dong
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 432-437 [Abstract] PDF    
Lower bound estimation of the maximum allowable initial error and its numerical calculation
Yi-Xing CAO, Qin ZHENG & Jun YAN
2018 Vol. 11 (5): 438-443 [Abstract] PDF    
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