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   Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett.
2019 Vol.  12 No.  1
Published: 14 January 2019

Potential impacts of enhanced tropical cyclone activity on the El Niño–Southern Oscillation and East Asian monsoon in the mid-Piacenzian warm period
Qing YAN, Zhongshi ZHANG & Ran ZHANG
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 1-11 [Abstract] PDF    
Dust particles in free troposphere over Chinese desert region revealed from balloon borne measurements under calm weather conditions
Ammara HABIB, Bin CHEN, Guangyu SHI, Yasunobu IWASAKA, Debashis NATH, Bushra KHALID, Saichun TAN, Tariq MAHMOOD, Reguang JIAO & Didier NTWALI
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 12-20 [Abstract] PDF    
Deformation characteristics of the ‘7.20’ heavy rainfall event in North China
Lingkun RAN, Na LI, Yayin JIAO,Baofeng JIAO & Linna ZHANG
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 21-29 [Abstract] PDF    
The sources and transport of iron in the North Pacific and its impact on marine ecosystems
Yuntao WANG, Haoran ZHANG, Huanhuan CHEN & Fei CHAI
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 30-34 [Abstract] PDF    
The Rossby wave train patterns forced by shallower and deeper Tibetan Plateau atmospheric heat-source in summer in a linear baroclinic model
Chuandong ZHU & Rongcai REN
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 35-40 [Abstract] PDF    
Characteristics of urban boundary layer in heavy haze process based on Beijing 325m tower data
Yu SHI, Fei HU, Rui Lü & Yuanyuan HE
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 41-49 [Abstract] PDF    
The integration of nitrogen dynamics into a land surface model. Part 1: model description and site-scale validation
Xiujing YANG, Li DAN, Fuqiang YANG, Jing PENG, Yueyue LI, Dongdong GAO, Jinjun JI & Mei HUANG
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 50-57 [Abstract] PDF    
Buoyancy of convective-scale updrafts in the outer cores of sheared tropical cyclones
Qingqing LI & Qiaoxian FANG
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 58-65 [Abstract] PDF    
Dynamical role of the Rocky Mountain controlled by East Asian topographies in modulating the tropospheric westerly jet in northern winter
Xin XIA, Rongcai REN & Yueyue YU
2019 Vol. 12 (1): 66-72 [Abstract] PDF    
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