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   Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett.
2019 Vol.  12 No.  2
Published: 01 March 2019

Subseasonal mode of cold and wet climate in South China during the cold season: a climatological view
Minjie YU, Congwen ZHU & Ning JIANG
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 73-79 [Abstract] PDF    
The alternative of CubeSat-based advanced infrared and microwave sounders for high impact weather forecasting
Zhenglong LI, Jun LI, Timothy J. SCHMIT, Pei WANG, Agnes LIM, Jinlong LI, Fredrick W. NAGLE, Wenguang BAI, Jason A. OTKIN, Robert ATLAS, Ross N. HOFFMAN, Sid-Ahmed BOUKABARA, Tong ZHU, William J. BLAC
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 80-90 [Abstract] PDF    
Fertilizer nitrogen loss via N2 emission from calcareous soil following basal urea application of winter wheat
Yukun ZHANG, Rui WANG, Zhanlei PAN, Yan LIU, Xunhua ZHENG, Xiaotang JU, Chong ZHANG, Klaus BUTTERBACH-BAHL & Binxiang HUANG
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 91-97 [Abstract] PDF    
Ocean mesoscale structure–induced air–sea interaction in a high-resolution coupled model
Pengfei LIN, Hailong LIU, Jing MA & Yiwen LI
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 98-106 [Abstract] PDF    
Wind speed forecasting based on wavelet decomposition and wavelet neural networks optimized by the Cuckoo search algorithm
Ye ZHANG, Shiping YANG, Zhenhai GUO, Yanling GUO & Jing ZHAO
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 107-115 [Abstract] PDF    
Responses of terrestrial water cycle components to afforestation within and around the Yellow River basin
Meixia LV, Zhuguo MA & Shaoming PENG
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 116-123 [Abstract] PDF    
Projected changes in summer water vapor transport over East Asia under the 1.5°C and 2.0°C global warming targets
Zhiqing XU & Ke FAN
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 124-130 [Abstract] PDF    
Observed trends in diurnal temperature range over Nigeria
Victor Nnamdi DIKE, Zhaohui LIN, Yuxi WANG & Hyacinth NNAMCHI
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 131-139 [Abstract] PDF    
The climatology and interannual variability of the East Asian summer monsoon simulated by a weakly coupled data assimilation system
Renping LIN, Fei ZHENG & Xiao DONG
2019 Vol. 12 (2): 140-146 [Abstract] PDF    
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