• Special Issues

    Special Issue: Climate Science for Service Partnership: China

    Guest Editors:

    Stephen Belcher, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK

    Peter Stott, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK

    Riyu Lu, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Tianjun Zhou, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Qingchen Chao, China Meteorological Administration, China

    Lianchun Song, China Meteorological Administration, China

    (As of April 28, 2018) 

    1. Collating Historic Weather Observations for the East Asian Region: Challenges, Solutions, and Reanalyses
    Fiona WILLIAMSON, Rob ALLAN, Guoyu REN, Tsz-cheung LE, Wing-hong LUI, Hisayuki KUBOTA, Jun MATSUMOTO, Jürg LUTERBACHER, Clive WILKINSON, Kevin WOOD

    2. Interannual Variability of Late-spring Circulation and Diabatic Heating over the Tibetan Plateau Associated with Indian Ocean Forcing
    Yu ZHAO, Anmin DUAN, Guoxiong WU

    3. Seasonal Forecasts of the Summer 2016 Yangtze River Basin Rainfall
    Philip E. BETT, Adam A. SCAIFE, Chaofan LI, Chris HEWITT, Nicola GOLDING, Peiqun ZHANG, Nick DUNSTONE, Doug M. SMITH, Hazel E. THORNTON, Riyu LU, Hong-Li REN

    4. Development and Pull-through of Climate Science to Services in China
    Chris HEWITT, Nicola GOLDING
    5. Reduced Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Size to Sea Surface Temperature in a Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Environment
    Shuai WANG , Ralf TOUMI
    6. Effect of Horizontal Resolution on the Representation of the Global Monsoon Annual Cycle in AGCMs

    Lixia ZHANG, Tianjun ZHOU, Nicholas P. KLINGAMAN, Peili WU, Malcolm ROBERTS

    7. On Northern Hemisphere Wave Patterns Associated with Winter Rainfall Events in China

    Claudia Christine STEPHAN, Yan Ho NG, Nicholas P. KLINGAMAN

    8. Further-Adjusted Long-Term Temperature Series in China Based on MASH

    Zhen LI, Zhongwei YAN, Lijuan CAO, Phil D. JONES

    9. Impacts of Anthropogenic Forcings and El Nino on Chinese Extreme Temperatures


    10. Indian Ocean SST modes and Their Impacts as Simulated in BCC_CSM1.1(m) and HadGEM3

    Bo LU, Hong-Li REN, Rosie EADE, Martin ANDREWS

    11. Increasing Flash Floods in a Drying Climate over Southwest China

    Chan XIAO, Peili WU, Lixia ZHANG, Robin CLARK

    12. Assessment and Assimilation of FY-3 Humidity Sounders and Imager in the UK Met Office Global Model

    Fabien CARMINATI, Brett CANDY, William BELL, Nigel ATKINSON

    13. Comparison of a Manual and an Automated Tracking Method for Tibetan Plateau Vortices

    Julia CURIO, Yongren CHEN, Reinhard SCHIEMANN, Andrew G. TURNER, Kai Chi WONG, Kevin HODGES, Yueqing LI

    14. Different Asian Monsoon Rainfall Responses to Idealized Orography Sensitivity Experiments in the HadGEM3-GA6 and FGOALS-FAMIL Global Climate Models

    Kai Chi WONG, Senfeng LIU, Andrew G. TURNER, Reinhard K. SCHIEMANN

    15. Assessing Global Warming Induced Changes in Summer Rainfall Variability over Eastern China Using the Latest Hadley Centre Climate Model HadGEM3-GC2

    Yawen DUAN, Peili WU, Xiaolong CHEN, Zhuguo MA

    16. Skillful Seasonal Forecasts of Summer Surface Air Temperature in Western China by Global Seasonal Forecast System Version 5

    Chaofan LI, Riyu LU, Philip E. BETT, Adam A. SCAIFE, Nicola MARTIN

    17. Representation of the ENSO Combination Mode and its Asymmetric SST Response in Different Resolutions of HadGEM3                                                                                    

    Jianghua WAN, Hongli REN, Peili WU
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